"The greatest truths are revealed, in the silence of the mind." - Me

Friday, July 8, 2011

Such is the digital age

Between looking up random rumors on the upcoming iPhone 5 and finding all sorts of incredible free (and legal) music over the last few weeks, I was randomly (and finally!) inspired to take back up my quest to finish the last 2 novels in my 4 part series. That being said, I started thinking about the digital age we live in.

Last night, I picked up Heath McNease's new mixtape "Nintendo Thumb" online. It was listed in the free links section on tvulive.com. When I went over to the site, it asked me if I wanted to pay for the album or just download it for free. For a second, I thought, free or pay? Hmmm.... but then I got the better of myself and decided to pay a meager amount.

Later last night, I got an e-mail directly from the artist, thanking me for my purchase and for paying a bit for it... which immediately made me wish I had paid more! And over the course of the day, Heath and I have exchanged a few e-mails about the album, his worship ministry, and etc.

Which got me thinking again about my own work, and about the possibility of giving it out for "free" online. The first book is up on amazon and is in the Kindle store, but what if I were to simply set up some sort of a site and give it away? I mean, when musicians who produce such amazing masterpieces are able to do this very thing, why shouldn't I?

Yet, the one thought running behind the whole thought process is "What an age we live in!" Even just 5 to 10 years ago, there would be no chance that I would download an album online for free... get into a conversation with the artist, and then be inspired to follow the lead that men like him are setting.

Such is life. And, speaking of which, sometime next week I'll write my reflections of our youth trip to Joplin!